Henrich, Kitchen Supervisor

henrich, hilton

I like my job. I like the cooking, you know; doing all the banquets, make people happy. Make food delicious. That’s the goal: to make the people happy.

I stay. There’s a lot of things you can do in Seattle. We get rain a lot, but in the summertime, you can do a lot. Hiking, fishing, swimming, everything. Nowadays, Seattle is booming, it’s like a touristy spot. And you know, it’s when more people come that the prices goes up.”

Fabian, Maintenance


I used to live in California, and over there you see a lot of drug activity. But here you don’t see a lot of that. This is safer than a lot of other states. It’s safer here for my kids to grow up. I saw a lot of shootings and stuff in California, and that’s why I moved. I like this city a lot too. They pay you cheaper over there too, only because you are Spanish.  Here, you don’t get paid different because you’re not white. Over there, they paid cash. Here, we have more benefits because of the union. It’s good, the insurance is really good. For 50 dollars you get your whole family on it. My kids and wife are covered. Right now, with this job, I don’t have to pay for state insurance. So it’s free insurance for my kids.”

Jon, Cook

Jon, Arctic

We’ve wanted to buy a house but we are realizing that isn’t really an option here. I’ve been trying to figure out something with transportation because parking is so high. I’ve considered parking in SoDo and then riding my bike here. It’s going to be $200 a month for parking coming up pretty soon. I do like Seattle.  I actually like the weather, which is weird. People might think I’m crazy.”

Jenice, Prep Cook

flor wscc

It’s getting to the point where families have to live together in order to pay rent and make money. My daughter was on Section 8 but they sold her house. So then my grandkids were out on the street, and no, we don’t do that. So I decided…let’s get together.

After work I have to catch a bus up the hill, go to the A line, and then catch the train. Or I can come down the hill. It takes me 2 hours to get to the bus that will take me home.”

Francisco, Cook


I like my job because it’s close to home and I have free parking, and it’s not too bad. I like Seattle because it’s peaceful, and I like the weather that is always changing, so we have a little bit of everything and it’s all mixed up.”