Mirian, Cleaning Attendant

mirian westin

Even to drive the traffic is really bad now. There are a lot of people coming here from other states. Perhaps they want a better future. You know, on the Discovery Channel they said Washington State is the third most expensive state now. The people who work in restaurants and hotels, the salary we have now, it’s not going to go up. Maybe a matter of cents, but not several dollars. We get a raise but it’s not enough according to the inflation. Everything is so expensive, the bus fare, rent, mortgage, etc.

Whenever we have a chance to work extra we do because we need the money, but not always because people cannot be working all the time. When it’s busy we work extra for when the slow time comes. For people not young anymore it’s not good for the body and the health to work more than 40 hours a week. The work is physical…we don’t think too much but it’s physical and my body hurts.”

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