Jenny, House Attendant


If I didn’t get money from my daughter, I might have to get a second job. Even when I have 40 hours of work, I’m feeling so tired. If I work three or four days, I’m feeling ok if I have money. I need to spend a lot of time to work, to make the money, you know.

No it’s the, you know, the bus fee. The bus fee is more expensive and I’m feeling it. Maybe 10, 8 percent of the money I have to take to pay my transfer you know, because the bus is very packed.

The bus is public and should be affordable. The price of oil is going down but the price of the bus is going up, up, up.

Now, they say, always, global warming. They say we should take the bus, but how can we when the price keeps going up? Also, you know the parking is so expensive. Today it’s 6 dollars a day for employees.”

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