Charles, Bell Captain


There are a lot of people with a lot of money who work for Amazon and high end jobs. They move into the city and it pushes everyone else out farther away from the city and increases all of the money you pay along the way down the line. People move farther and farther away and work jobs downtown in hotels, but I can’t afford to live here. There’s no way I could live in Seattle…I work nine miles from where I live. So far it’s cheaper but they are building new apartments and it’s starting to go up too.

If this weren’t a union job with good health insurance I’d walk away from here tomorrow. The health insurance makes it all worthwhile…I wouldn’t commute downtown for $13 an hour otherwise. Without this health insurance…you may as well stay in SeaTac and work at a 7/11.The affordable housing isn’t for us, it’s for the Amazon people.

My wife isn’t working now. And we’re hurting really badly. She hasn’t been able to find a job since she lost her last one. We are in our fifties and it’s tough. We used to be a two income household, and now it’s tough with just one.”

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