Azieb, Banquet Server


People are moving. Business is booming. You know, all the big companies are here. Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft. So, in a way, I’m happy that it’s growing. But we are not keeping up, the lower people, we are constantly struggling.

The issue is that the hours I get off of work in banquets, sometimes there is no bus or I am too scared to go to the Park ‘N Ride. Think, in the middle of the night, 1 in the morning, if you find a bus by then…after certain hours the bus comes just once every hour.  We still don’t have a good deal for the parking. Bus time hours it’s fine, I can take a bus, but banquet hours are crazy. Sometimes we have to be here at 5 in the morning, and there’s no bus to take me here. The earliest bus is 5:15am. 

I don’t know. It’s hard to move. Where can you move to, where? You have to have money to move. If you’re only living check to check, how are you going to move? In order for you to move, you have to put some money aside, and in order to do that, you have to get more than one job or something. I wish they could do something about it, for the middle and lower class, something.

I try to work more, this year I’m going to be looking for another job. More likely I’ll be working two full time jobs to make the ends meet. I live with 7 members of my family. I was lucky enough to do this or rent would be killing me. Rent was gong up, up, up, up, so it was like, impossible.” 

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