William, Lead Janitor

William Hinton

We had to save money to even be able to afford to live in an apartment; we had to save for like three months. I had to live with family for three months to just save enough to rent. It’s hard to move somewhere; you have all of that extra stuff you have to pay.

I feel like I live paycheck to paycheck. I feel like sometimes I have to go without things. We were going to get a car recently for like 500 dollars, but we couldn’t afford it because we couldn’t afford a parking spot, insurance, etc. We’ve definitely had to go without certain things to be able to live where we want to live. We wanted to see a movie the other day but we just couldn’t afford it. I told my girlfriend, if things start getting closer to 1300, we’re going too have to move. We like to help out in the community and do support groups but if we move we won’t be able to.”

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