Daniel, Banquet Server

daniel mendoza

My first love actually is cooking. So when I was in the hotel, when I started working, I was not a server. I started being a banquet server back in 2002, but before then I was a cook. But the thing is, see, if I work over here as a cook I’m not really learning anything. I like to be creative, but the pay as a kitchen cook is not very good. I had to switch because the pay is better.”

Mark, Cook

mark barrington

I like my job because it’s fast-paced and the day goes by quick. I like Seattle because, I’d have to say, summers…six months out of the years it’s perfect weather.”

Raymond, Banquet Waiter

Raymond Fisher

When I bought my home in 1991 there were only 3 houses under $100,000 in north-end Seattle at the time. And I got one of them.

Now they’re pushing $15/hour out to 2021. It’s a decent wage now but it won’t be then. People blame the wrong things for what’s going on in our economy.

I think that more and more people are moving in here. People have not had any wage increases, so you’re living in a house that is increasing in value, but wages are not going up, so everybody’s stuck.”

Julia, Banquet Server


I love Seattle: I love the weather the landscape, the people, the food. I love how close we are to water and mountains. And I love the seasons here. I’ve worked hard to get to a place where I don’t have to worry every month.”